About us

About us

Established in 1988 Cuscini Design specializes in the design and creation of garden pavilions, cushions and accessories of superior quality and distinctive style.

In 1996, in response to consumer demand for pavilions, Cuscini Design developed its innovative Garden Pavilion. Totally made in Mirabel, solidly structured and elegant, the hardy and weather-resistant Garden Pavilion’s design incorporates the best European-inspired elements, making it attractive and ideal for transforming any deck or patio into an ‘outdoor room’, the perfect place to enjoy summer weather.

The appeal of Cuscini Design products lies not only in the fact that they are made using the best quality aluminium, fade-proof fabrics of the highest quality, but also in the attention to detail that goes into creating each individual piece. Attractive design, use of color and maximum comfort are hallmarks of Cuscini Design.

The new “Terrace Concept”, created in 2009, a combination of pavilions with retractable roof, particularly well adapted to the hospitality industry. Offered in endless configurations, this concept adorns any type of exterior terrace to make it into an additional living, dining or any event room. By responding to requirements in a unique way, we, at Cuscini Design, endeavour to make your guests feel at their best.